Investors Corner

Sandy has been investing in Real Estate since 1998. 
  • Upon graduation from from her Bachelor's program Sandy began developing a passion for Real Estate investing.
  • The information below is a set of Sandy's favorite links and resources. 
  • Sandy is always free to talk shop and looks forward to meeting other like-minded Real Estate investors out there.

What markets are HOT for investors?

  • RREEF publishes free market research reports available for download on their website.  My favorite is their "economic map" which is published every 6-12 months. It shows which areas are impacted by local & economic factors. 
  • The last map published for the US was the January Economic Map of the Americas. I expect a new map will be coming out in the near future for the US markets.
  • To review the list of free reports go to: RREEF Research Reports

Where can I find great deals on Apartments and Commercial property?

  • The best source for commercial listings nationwide is



How do I find property tax rates is different States or Counties?

  • I often use Census data for finding Property Tax information. Its not 100% complete but its a good source and covers most major metro markets.
  • The data should be updated in 2010.
  • Property Tax Table


Where can I obtain valuable Tenant Screening reports with credit, criminal, and eviction history?

  • Fidelity Information Corp provides one of the best tenant scoring and informational reports for California.
    • Instant Tenant Screening
    • Automated Tenant Invoicing
    • Rent Recovery/Collections services
  • The Landlord Protection Agency is also a great resource for tips, advice, and new forms for Landlords.

Where can I find self help Legal forms and information?

  • is my first choice for easy legal forms.

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